When it comes to seasonal necessities, South Jersey girls gear up for winter just like we do for fall. Hibernation, here we come.

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From fuzzy boots to festive leggings, here's what ever winter girl has in her starter kit.


  • Maxi/Amazon

    Microfleece Leggings

  • Sweet Water Decor/Amazon

    A Giant Hot Chocolate Mug

    When it comes to hot chocolate, lattes, eggnog, and hot toddies, the bigger the better.

  • UGG/Amazon

    UGG Boots (with a twist)

    The holidays mean sparkles come out in full force. With the bows AND the glitter, these UGGs check all the boxes.

  • NEOSAN/Amazon

    Knit Infinity Scarf

    It's the perfect accessory. Will we wear it outside, inside, to bed? You betcha.

  • WAPANEUS/Amazon

    Heated Blanket

    We may like what winter represents, but that doesn't mean we actually like the cold.

  • Mariah Carey/Amazon

    Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey

  • FURTALK/Amazon

    Pom Pom Knit Cap