You may be familiar with the saying "May the Luck of the Irish be with you".  Well St. Patrick's Day is coming on Saturday, and being part Irish (mother's maiden name is Lenihan) I'm waiting for that luck to rub off for The Powerball drawing that night!  This week's edition of "The Playlist" brings the Luck your way, through those of Irish decent, those you felt the Luck in their songs, plus we won't forget how Green we will be on Saturday.

If you are new to The Playlist, what happens is I take a theme and tie 20 songs around the theme of the week - consider this a mix you could program into your iPod with enjoyment!  The challenge this week is for "The Luck of The Irish" to come through.

Now the thought of Irish music for St. Patty's Day brings Celtic music for the forefront.  The Cheiftains have brought their style Celtic Folk music for 50 years, and have played to millions of fans all over the world.  Van Morrison has been influenced by this style, and has incorporated that into his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame career that has included 6 Grammy wins.

Drinking music also comes to mind to Saturday, and two songs that needs to be included for your "Green Day" fun: The Pogues do probably the best version of Whiskey In The Jar (a must for your party), and The Young Dubliners have the definitive version of Rocky Road To Dublin that will blow you away (downloading these are a must for Saturday!)

The Playlist is going mainstream with its 20 songs that has A Little Luck, a great deal of Ireland covered, those who have the Irish influence, and then a sprinkle of Green to make this day complete.  We are all over the map in Pop, Rock, Soul, R&B and even rap for The Playlist - enjoy this March Madness!

Enya -- Only Time (some Pure Moods to start with, as the girl from County Donegal parlayed a remix of this song in 2000 to crack the Top-10 in the U.S.)

Wings -- With A Little Luck ("We can make this whole damn thing work out", which I'm hoping to do this week!  Paul McCartney's band away from The Beatles went to #1 here in America with this song in '78)

Snow Patrol -- Chasing Cars (from Bangor in Northern Ireland, their song was everywhere in 2006, and went Top-5 in 6 countries including here)

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers -- You Got Lucky (You did finding The Playlist here, and Petty got Lucky when he hit #1 on the Billboard Rock chart in 1982 with this classic)

The Wanted - Glad You Came (part British and part Irish, the Boy Pop band of 5 has peaked at #4 recently here in the States, and have been a #1 requested song recently on SoJO)

House Of Pain -- Jump Around (from their CD "Shamrocks and Shenanigans", the Irish-American hip-hop trio hit #3 in 1992 that had everyone ....... well, jumping around!)

Dexy's Midnight Runners -- Come On Eileen (featuring the Irish lullaby line "Too Rah Loo Rah Loo Ral", the One-Hit Wonder of the 80s was #1 in 1982)

The Cranberries -- Dreams (when Dreams come true, that's being lucky, and the band from Limerick hit the Top-10 in 1994 after having released the song 2 years earlier ..... Luck of the Irish here or what?)

Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat -- Lucky (a Million selling song in 2009 here North America, the Top-40 hit for this collaboration speaks of being Luck in love!)

Sarah McLachlan -- I Will Remember You (she is a "Mc", and that is usually associated with an Irish heritage, plus the song was featured in the movie "The Brothers McMullen" about an Irish family!)

The Corrs -- Breathless (Celtic Pop from the group from Dundalk scored thier only hit in the U.S. with this hit in 2000 that went Top-30 in 12 countries)

Ruben Studdard -- Flying Without Wings (The Luck of The Irish kissed Ruben with this 2003 hit that went to #2 after his American Idol victory, because this is a cover of a #1 hit in Europe in 1999 from the Irish Boy-Pop group Westlife)

Britney Spears -- Lucky (you getting the idea of what is going on here yet?)

Sinead O'Connor -- Nothing Compares 2 U (now on her 4th marriage and struggling to keep it as she lives separately from her husband, the girl from Glenageary has had limited Luck in love, but monster Luck in 1990 with this Global #1 smash!)

Green Day -- American Idiot (on the Green Day happening Saturday, don't be an Idiot and party responsibly)

John Legend -- Green Light (everything will have a Green Light around St. Patrick's Day, and Legend was Lucky to work with Andre 3000 on this 1 Million + selling single in 2008)

U2 -- Beautiful Day, In God's Country, and Sunday Bloody Sunday (2 songs with references to Ireland, and 1 does say what St. Patty's Day is even if that was not the intent, plus you get 3 songs from the Greatest Rock Band alive ............. now there is the Luck of The Irish!)

Feel free to suggest any ideas for a theme that can be turned into a future version of The Playlist, and enjoy St. Patrick's Day this weekend!




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