In the past, I have pulled out what is called a 'name generator' on the SoJO Morning Show.  You give me your name,  and I give you nickname for the day.  We have found your Jersey Shore name, and we've also even found out what your Honey Boo Boo name is.  Today, we get festive.



In honor of St. Patrick's Day (which most of you celebrated this past weekend), we will find out what your Leprechaun name is.  How do you do this? Simple.


Click HERE and enter your name.  The 'generator' will immediately start working and reveal your Leprechaun name.  The catch is, you have to call yourself that name for the rest of the day.  Don't roll your eyes at me, you know you want to do this.


Enter your name HERE, and then tell me your Leprechaun name by commenting below.

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