The images of Hurricane Sandy that you are seeing on are ones you may not soon forget, but sadly we still have the worst of this storm coming our way.

Watching the water invade Atlantic City, Ventnro, Margate and LBI (to name a few) through our photos, plus the scene from The Weather Channel with the ocean coming into Cape May, plus Mike Seidel braving the waves behind him and the street flooding in Point Pleasant are already scary enough, and more is coming with even more force.

As of 5pm, the National Hurricane Center reports that Sandy has 90 MPH winds in the eye of the storm.  Reports have Tuckerton getting winds as high as 74 MPH about 2 hours ago.  The eye is is about 28 miles outside of Cape May.  The core is expected to hit land between 5-6pm, and it will come to land as a full fledged hurricane.

The track of this epic storm is also calling for hurricane force winds to linger in South Jersey until as late as tomorrow afternoon.

Throw in the Full Moon tonight, high tide around 8pm, 4-8 foot surges along the coast, and you have even more problems ahead for South Jersey.

Governor Chris Christie warned all residents of the stete to not "be stupid".  Right now we hope you took his advice, and have followed SoJO..

We will be following the timing of the landfall of Sandy, so keep SoJO with you - also get updates to your phone by texting SANDY to 89000.


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