As the Democrats now have their chance to have the attention of the country this week in Charlotte, last night they pulled out their "Jersey Guy" to address future voters - proving that there is a lot more to Kal Penn then his famous alter ego.

Kal Penn is actually his real first named broken apart - he was born Kalpen Suresh Modi in Montclair, NJ back in 1977.  Kal settled into Monmouth County and attended Marlboro Middle School (my alma mater), followed by Howell High School for 3 years as part of their Performing Arts Academy, then Freehold Township High School for his senior year where he was active in theater productions and the school's forensic team.

Kal's big break in Hollywood was 10 years ago opposite Ryan Reynolds in National Lampoon's Van Wilder (where he played Taj), which led to his now legendary chase for White Castle hamburgers in the first of 3 Harold and Kumar movies.

Penn's acting career took a turn toward drama, where he fit in wonderfully on House from 2007-2009.  You could say he was on a high note when he got a call from The White House.

After having campaigned for President Obama, Penn was offered the position of Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.  Penn put his acting career on hold on April 8, 2009, and served the president for 15 months before his passion for acting called him back.

Last night's moment in the spotlight was Kal Penn's moment to show his passion having served the president, his sense of humor (thanking the "invisible man in the chair"), and his smarts to use a 4 letter word that would not offend - Vote!

Penn mentioned what Twitter hash-tag people may use after his speech, and "sexyface" has blown up today in the Twitter world.

Whether or not Penn's rallying for voters worked can only be seen come November.  No matter your politics, it's nice to see The Garden State be well represented this year on both sides of the aisle.