Governor Chris Christie talked about politics, the Jets, Clint Eastwood and sang a Bruce Springsteen duet during his second appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show on NBC Tuesday night.

Governor Chris Christie with Jimmy Fallon

He said he ran into Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney before he delivered the keynote address at the Republican National Convention and Romney asked him “You’re going to be good tonight, right?” Christie replied, “Yeah, I’m going to be really good,” he said.”Alright, I’m going to stay then,” said Romney.

Christie said he was worried about Clint Eastwood during the Republican National Convention last week when he started talking to the empty chair and made a remark about what “President Obama” could do to himself. “OK, now we’re starting to go off the rails a little bit,” he told Fallon.

When asked about Democrat House leader Nancy Pelosi, Christie laid blame on her for some of Washington’s problems. “Well, she’s a big part of the problem,” he said, explaining that both parties are responsible for nothing getting done in Washington. “Any of the leaders up there are part of the problem if they’re not trying to make a difference.”

Fallon asked Christie which quarterback the Jets should start this season. Christie came out as a Mark Sanchez supporter because of his past achievement with the team. And, he added, his 16 year old daughter Sarah would be disappointed if he backed Tim Tebow.

They also joked about Christie’s son Andrew attending Princeton University which is not too far from the official Governor’s residence and how asking about going to Drumthwacket becomes the ultimate pick up line. “Yeah, we’re doubling the state police there, starting Saturday,” joked Christie.

Fallon, also a big Springsteen fan, joked if Christie was the guy behind him, pumping his fists and singing louder than Springsteen. Christie laughingly agreed that could describe him at a concert.

The highlight of his appearance was his singing of Thunder Road after attending Springsteen’s concert in Philadelphia on Sunday night, his 130th show.

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