Summer may not be over yet, but many stores are preparing the fall to come, so it may be too early to look at the what the winter may bring this season ...... Sometimes it's better to be forewarned!

The Farmers Almanac has pretty much called this summer on target, and the outlook from them for our region over the next 2 months looks a little wet.

The rain we are having came a little earlier than the Almanac expected for our area, and if you are not liking rain then September will not be a good month for you.  We seem to pay for the lack of summer rain this month and more than half of the month is expecting some amount of rain.

October is looking to start windy, then turn mild by the middle of the month for a nice late gasp of warm weather.  The Almanac is calling for rain to follow this week long stretch of warmth, then get to Halloween with seasonal weather that is dry.

Now the early predictions for this Winter has the country west of the Mississippi enjoying milder than normal temperatures, with the southwest being wet, the midwest being more rainy than snowy, and the northwest being more drier than usual.

Our area is not looking good right now.  We are looking at colder than normal winter temps, with a mix bag of snow, sleet and rain.  Accumulations can been seen by picking up The 2013 Farmers Alamanc right now for just $5.99 by ordering here.


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