There are two types of people in the world, those who need noise to fall asleep and those who need complete silence. The ones that need some noise may do so by leaving the television on as they drift off. Are there shows that are better to fall asleep to than others?

TSM via Canva
TSM via Canva

I tend to put on a show that I have seen every episode of, that way I don't find myself focusing too hard on the show. Which shows does South Jersey prefer?

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    Crime Shows

    I'm going to lump this into one category, since there were some responses just saying crime shows. We had a few people saying Forensic Files, Unsolved Mysteries and Dateline.

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    I have found myself falling asleep to Friends a time or two. I am clearly not alone in this one. Being a classic, Friends is the perfect show to go to dream land to since most people have watched most episodes.

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    "Mike and Molly"

    Sitcoms seem to be a favorite genre to watch while falling asleep. It makes sense; they're easy watches, lighthearted, and you can find a re-run marathon on TV pretty much everyday.

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    "Big Bang Theory"

    Multiple channels play marathons of Big Bang Theory so falling asleep to a constant stream of re-runs is easy.

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    "That 70's Show"

    According to the Facebook response, That 70's Show used to be on at midnight on ABC Family. If you are a night owl that would work out perfect for you.

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    With 13 seasons worth of episodes, there is plenty of material to fall asleep to. Word of advise, avoid the "scarier" episodes unless you're into that sort of thing.

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