Am I stretching the meaning of "famous" a little bit here? Probably, but saying decently well doesn't have the same ring to it.

Last weekend I decided to join the bandwagon and create a TikTok account. I'm curious what the statistics have been for the app during quarantine, there have been many people saying they joined out of boredom during this time. I have a slight issue when I try new things. I have what YouTuber Jenna Marbles called the "too much gene." I don't get addicted to things, but I do obsess.

Over the course of the week I spent hours scrolling through my "For You" page, watching video after video. I posted a bunch of videos, some original ideas, but mostly trendy lip syncing videos. I recognized the trends and thought I would hop on board. Instead, I thought I would put my own twist on it.

At least a few times a day, I was seeing people doing the dance for Megan Thee Stallion's song "Savage." Since I spent the majority of life dancing, I thought maybe I would join that trend. Perhaps that would be my way to go viral. Instead, I made my own version.

My new parody song, "Average," has been raking in the views since I posted it Thursday evening. Since posting the 15-second video, it has received over 16,300 views, over 1,800 likes, and 20 duets/reactions/using the song in their own videos. In under 24 hours it received over 10,000 views and it keeps on climbing.

I won't lie I'm pretty proud of that. Every time I go on the app, my notifications have new likes, comments, reactions, and followers. I followed it up with another spoof song based on Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy," making it more relatable and titling it "Hot Mess." It may not be as successful, but honestly I'm even more proud of it.

New anthem for the hot mess ladies out there 😂 tag me to see your duet/karaoke ##duetme ##duet ##lipsync ##lipsyncchallenge ##xyzbca ##fyp ##foryou ##badguy
♬ Hot Mess - chelseacorrine

So how does one become TikTok famous? Be yourself, find your niche, and get really really lucky. It might not happen over night. Even if it never happens, creating videos is a lot of fun.

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