Now that the summer season is upon us, the boards and beaches are packed, so we figured it's time to roll out our 10 commandments for getting the most out of summer in one of the most famous seashore communities in New Jersey -- Ocean City!

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    Thou Shall Visit the World Famous OC Boardwalk

    This sounds like a no-brainer to me. The Ocean City Boardwalk has to be one of the cleanest boards around with so many fun things to do and so many awesome places to eat!

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    Thou Shall Visit the Beach

    Ocean City has a string of beautiful beaches stretching  over 8 miles of white sand!

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    Thous Shall Consume Shriver's Salt Water Taffy

    Alright, I'll admit I'm not a big taffy guy, but when I'm in Ocean City, I do make it a point to stop at Shriver's. The fudge is also a sugary delight!

  • MarquezBlake

    Thou Shou Grab a Slice of Pie

    No we're talking! My two favorites for this are Manco and Manco and Tony P's House of Pies! Both are located on the boardwalk.

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    Thou Shall Take the Kids to Gillian's Wonder Pier or Playland's Castaway Cove

    Two awesome places for family fun! I have so many special memories of my two boys running around like crazy at both places when they were young. My wife and I would have to pick both of them up and head for the exits after hours of games and rides.

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    Thou Shall Paraglide and Parasail

    Only of you're up for it of course. Here's where I wimp out since I have a fear of heights.

    Parasailing and paragliding can be an exhilarating experience (or so I'm told) and you can find both activities in Ocean City!

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    Thou Shall Enjoy a Show at the Ocean City Music Pier

    One of my favorite places to see a show. The sound is always amazing at the Ocean City Music Pier and I love to walk the boards after enjoying a show!

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    Ariane BÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂélisle

    Thou Shall Shop Until You Drop

    Ready to get out of the sun for a minute? Ocean City has a downtown that's full of awesome shops!

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    Thou Shall Play a Round of Miniature Golf

    There are so many fun and awesome places to play a round of miniature golf including Haunted Golf, Pirate Island Golf and Playland's Golf!

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    Polka Dot Images

    Thou Shall Rent a Bike and Avoid Traffic

    This is one of my favorite things to do while in Ocean City. I used to love to rent bikes early in the morning with the family while on vacation. We'd always ride up and down the boardwalk before it got too crowded.

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