Even with his limitation, nothing stopped Christian Matkovitch's ultimate goal.


All Christian wanted was to be an Eagle Scout, just like his Father and two brothers.  But, according to 6ABC, Christian is  'wheelchair bound with the most severe form of cerebral palsy there is.'


Despite the odds, Christian was bound and determined to accomplish a goal that he set when he was only six years old, become an Eagle Scout.  Just to be clear, the rank of 'Eagle' isn't just how many camping trips you went on or how many knots you can tie.  It's a very difficult task.


In fact, only 2% of Scouts end up earning the rank of 'Eagle'.  Some quit because of other commitments, and some get frustrated and quit because it's just too hard to achieve.  I know this because I too am an Eagle Scout.


Not only do you have to earn a required amount of merit badges (which was hard enough to earn), but you also had to create, construct, and lead a creative and innovative project that impacts the community.  Some clean and renovate playgrounds or nature trails, and others do some sort of construction.  I ended up leading a team in a landscaping project.  I had to convince my high school to help fund my project, put down mulch, and plant shrubs along a 90 foot walkway leading to the outdoor practice field.  There were many days I had shovels and picks in the trunk of my car, because after school I would be back outside digging and planting.  I would organize and schedule friends and other scouts to help me, as well as find people to haul mulch in their trucks.


At least 100 hours of labor and/or team leading is required, and you have to log every hour along with a description of your progress.  I remember initially feeling overwhelmed, but I also felt like a champion after I earned the rank of 'Eagle'.


The fact that Christian not only became an Eagle Scout, but also overcame all of the odds is unprecedented.  I've always respected those who overcame their own obstacles to earn this achievement, but my respect runs a lot deeper for Christian.


He never quit.



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