"She's fine!.... She wasn't doing anything!... HEY, stop!"

Unless you've been living under a rock, there's no way you missed this absolutely viral moment at night 2 of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Philadelphia!

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Glendale, AZ
Getty Images

It happened on the evening of Saturday, May 13 during Taylor's performance of her hit "Bad Blood" at the Lincoln Financial Field. A security guard was needlessly reprimanding two girls, and when mama Taylor saw what was unfolding from the stage, she was having none of it, as you can see from the viral video below.

In the middle of belting out her fiery lyrics, she yelled at the security "Stop", "She's fine" and that "she wasn't doing anything" wrong. Eventually, the guard was escorted away.

Well! That heated moment has caught social media by storm... and it's kinda catchy!

Leave it to Swifties on TikTok to almost immediately flip it around into a super niche sub genre of content! TikTokers can't stop singing what they're now calling "Bad Blood" (Security Guard Version). For some Swifties, it's the only version of the hit song they'll recognize from now on!

The trend has caught on so quickly that now everyone knows the words by heart!

This one kills me!!

And it goes even further than that! Crafters are making actual t-shirts and apparel with the new "lyrics" printed on them! They look so cool, too! It's like an inside joke among Swifties.

So funny how such an obscure, random moment has turned into a whole trend! I guess you could say "Bad Blood happens in Philadelphia!"

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