Everyone's favorite store, Target, is in HEAT after selling fidget spinners reportedly having high amounts of lead, and then refusing to take it off the shelves.

You might want to rethink buying a fidget spinner for your child the next time you're at Target. According to reports, the fidget spinners have 330 times the legal limit of lead allowed in children's toys. To put it in perspective, the legal limit is 100 parts per million (ppm). These fidget spinners are at 33,000!

That's a lot.

To make things even worse, Target is defending their choice to keep it on the shelves!

According to Target, fidget spinners are not meant for kids but are used as "general use." They go on saying that even on its packaging it reads for 'consumers 14 and over.'

While this may be true, seriously Target -- who do you think are using fidget spinners most? I'll tell you: CHILDREN!

Completely not cool on Target's part, I hope they rethink their decision.

Watch this video below from CBS NEWS:

Source: Health | CBS News

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