It's what every foodie kid will want for Christmas.

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If your little one feel left out whenever you're strategically crafting your charcuterie platter (for those of you non-food snobs that's simply an over-the-top cheese tray), or they can't keep their grubby little hands off your masterpiece before guests arrive, now they can have one of their own.


The folks at Fisher-Price have come out with a toy 'Snacks for Two' set, which includes fake salami, pull-apart brie, grapes, and crackers, plus faux marble plates, cloth napkins, and a cutting board, for ages 3+.

The 15-piece set costs $19.99 and makes a perfect last minute gift for that bougie kid in your life who wants to serve their playground friends a fancy, pretend snack.

P.S. I found it for as low as $13.57 HERE.

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