I'm not one to typically buy into 'rumors', but if there's any truth to the one about Target taking over the closed Kmart in Somers Point, I'm willing to take my chances.

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There's a thing called "hope". And, then there's "where there's smoke, there's fire". Two weeks in a row I've had two different people say, "Hey, have you heard Target's coming to the old Kmart in Somers Point?" Well, NOW I have. TWICE.

I've long thought it silly that there was only the ONE Target store near the Jersey shore, the one in Consumers Square in Mays Landing. A long time ago, I vowed I'd never live more than 15 minutes from a Target ever again. So, I can imagine the day's journey residents in in Cape May County have to plan to get to their nearest.

It only makes sense that Target would pounce on the opportunity to make use of the space that already exists in Somers Point Plaza off New Road. That Kmart was one of the ONLY places you could hit if you were on your way to Ocean City or any shore points south of Somers Point, for things like beach towels, chairs, sunscreen, etc.

A Target in Somers Point would do VERY well, on and off season. I'd be so happy! My husband works close to Somers Point Plaza, and it would be so convenient.

So far, I don't see anything mentioning Somers Point on the official Target Corporation website. But, I'm going to be checking it often.

What have YOU heard about the possibility that Target is taking over the vacant Kmart in Somers Point? I'm dying to know if you have a confirmation to pass along. Let me know in the comment box below.

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