Your Job May Be Making You Fat
Now, around here at SoJO you can find junk food on any given day.  And sometimes it's too tempting to resist!  From leftover bags of candy, to bagels and donuts, a vending station full of treats, and leftover homemade baked goods from co-workers, its easy to see why …
Maroon 5 Songs Lead To Better Productivity At Work
I've always known it's more than just MY love for the band for Maroon 5 and Adam Levine's sweet voice that gives me a jolt while I'm on the job.  Now there's clinical proof that listening to music by Maroon 5 in the workplace makes people more productive!
Who Was Your Favorite Teacher And Why?
It's National Teacher Appreciation Week.
Who was your favorite teacher?  And why are you so fond of him/her?  Let us know!
When I stop to think about the instructors that made a big impact on my life, two come to mind very easily...
Atlantic City Makes Top Ten Beauty-Obsessed Cities List
According to FourSquare, Atlantic City is the sixth most beauty-obsessed city in America.
FourSquare based its findings on 300,000beauty store and beauty establishment check-ins.  Fresno, California topped the list followed by Tulsa, Oklahoma.  New York City, Las Vegas, and Houston also mad…