When 6-foot waves are hitting along the Jersey Shore, surfers are gathering for their chance to attack these great waves, but many other will tread with some caution as Tropical Storm Leslie brings the surf with the threat of rip tides.

This weekend the beaches could see waves as high as 8 feet, bringing excitement to many in the surfing community of South Jersey.  Word is the waves have already been big, fast, and epic - the best is yet to come this way.

The downside of this weather is the threat of rip tides.  If you are going to the beach this weekend, use caution as there are less lifeguards on duty than during peak times of the summer season.  Watch for wave patterns, color of the water, choppy water patterns, and possibly lines of foam or seaweed moving steadily seaward as warning signs to a possible rip current.

"Leslie", which is on track to hit Bermuda this weekend with the strength of a Category 2 Hurricane (winds over 100 MPH), will be felt a bit in South Jersey as heavy rains with the possibility of damaging winds are expected come as early as Saturday afternoon.

Enjoy your weekend, but be safe and be smart!


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