Artists Sting and Shaggy recently collaborated for an entire album and tour, and they called into SoJO to talk about how their mutual love of reggae music inspired the project and brought them together.

The title of the album 44/876 has an interesting origin. The number 44 is the international calling code for United Kingdom (where Sting is from), and 876 is for Jamaica (home of Shaggy). Although born nearly 20 years apart, both artists appreciation for reggae laid the groundwork for what's become not only a great friendship, but partnership.

Sting told midday host Heather DeLuca about how reggae music, with it's messages of love and politics, became part of the underbelly of the music scene in England after WWII, and was a big reason in why he picked up a bass guitar.

Shaggy recalls how influential songs from Sting's band The Police were in Jamaica in the early 80s, and pointed out how many of The Police's songs are foundationally reggae.

The album 44/876, featuring the single 'Don't Make Me Wait' is available now.

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