Looking for a fun summer job? Island Waterpark, Atlantic City's first-ever waterpark, is hiring!

It would be pretty awesome to spend your summer at the Jersey Shore AND get paid for it.

Island Waterpark in Atlantic City, located at Showboat, is putting together its inaugural staff as it prepares to open to the public.

They're hosting open interviews over the next several days and weeks for those 16 and older. Here's when you can interview:

  • Thursday, April 27th from 3p-7p
  • Thursday, May 4th from 3p-7p
  • Wednesday, May 10th from 3p-7p
  • Wednesday, May 17th from 3p-7p
  • Tuesday, May 23rd from 3p-7p
Showboat Hotel Atlantic City/Facebook
Showboat Hotel Atlantic City/Facebook

Island Waterpark looks SUPER cool! It located indoors with a retractable glass-pane roof, which means it can stay open year-round. It's got such an oasis feel. That's the point of visiting Atlantic City right? To feel like you're on vacation, even for a day, and Island Waterpark checks all the boxes.


This park will have a lazy river, state-of-the-art waterslides, pools, waterfalls, and food and beverages for the whole family. There will even be an 'adult zone' for those 21 and over.

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Construction is nearly complete!

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