I recently checked an experience off my 'bucket list'. I got to chat with someone I've looked up to almost my whole life. Watch as I catch up with 80's pop sensation, Broadway star, and TV star Debbie Gibson.

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To refresh your memory, Debbie Gibson rose to fame in the late 1980s with her debut album Out of the Blue. With that album's third single, 'Foolish Beat', Debbie became the youngest female artist to write, record, arrange, produce, and sing a #1 song in the history of Billboard.

courtesy Atlantic Records via Amazon.com
courtesy Atlantic Records via Amazon.com

That success only grew with the release of 1989's Electric Youth, which spawned another #1 ballad, 'Lost In Your Eyes', and an epic worldwide tour.

Since then, Debbie crossed from pop music into the Broadway world, starring in Les Miserables, Grease, and Beauty and The Beast. She's also acted on TV in several Hallmark Channel movies, and even in SyFy's 2011 monster/disaster flick Mega Python vs. Gateroid alongside fellow teen pop star Tiffany. So bad it's good, lol.

Now, Debbie is set to release her first album of new, original songs in 20 years, called The Body Remembers, out August 20th.

I'm a HUGE Debbie Gibson fan. I'm not even ashamed to say my bedroom walls (and ceiling! Sorry Mom!) were wallpapered with her posters, lol. As an early teenager, I really related to her music and her message. Her songs shaped me.

Check out some revelations from my conversation with Debbie Gibson below, and watch our virtual chat (just below this photo gallery)!

Revelations from Our Chat with 80's Pop Sensation Debbie Gibson

'One Step Closer', the new single from Debbie Gibson of the album The Body Remembers, is available everywhere.

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