Starbucks has done it again, they just keep dragging me back for more.

Just in time for summer, aka iced coffee season, the popular coffee chain is set to introduce something that would make your cold drinks even more refreshing.

Cold. Foam.


Let me introduce you to Starbuck's new Cascara Cold Foam Brew. This cold foam has little sugar and no cream involved and is made with special equipment. Starbucks will be making this 'cold foam' with a unique blender that uses non-fat milk. It then whips its very fast to create something that is similar to melted ice cream, texture wise.

And it even has a new special lid for the occasion!

You can add it to your drink just like you would add an extra shot of expresso or whipped cream. Best part is you don't break the bank while doing it, you will only have to give up $.50 for the good stuff.

what a great way to ring in the warm weather than by getting your favorite Starbucks drink with some brand new 'cold foam,' am I right?

Pinky out!

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