Insert overused comment about how quick the year has flown by here. Now that we got that out of the way, it is October which means all things Halloween will inundate you. Applebee's is joining the trend with a new specialty drink you can really sink your teeth in to. (I'm sorry, it was too easy.)

Each month Applebee's comes out with a new drink special, featuring a $1 drink. This month, they have Halloween in mind with the new Vampire Drink complete with a cherry on top and teeth.

Usually, the featured drink is something we all know and already love like margaritas, vodka lemonade, hurricanes. This month Applebee's decided to make a new concoction to make this purple, fruity, rum drink.

The Vampire Drink is made with four different fruits: strawberry, dragonfruit, pineapple, and passionfruit. Of course, the drink is made with rum and has a cherry on top. You need some red with a vampire-themed drink. Since the drink is quite fruity, which may make you think of summer, the purple color screams Halloween and the plastic fangs make it a true vampire drink.

As always, the dollar drink special is available this month only. The Vampire Drink will lurk back into the shadows once October ends.

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