Everybody has a favorite supermarket, and even if that sounds weird you know it's true.

For example, my wife loves going to the ShopRite off of Fischer Boulevard in Toms River.

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Not because they have better prices than other Shop Rites, or because their produce is any fresher, but because they have those mini shopping carts.

Myself, I'm a fan of the Acme near Seaside Heights, mainly because it's also conveniently located next to the liquor store.

That being said, there is a new supermarket chain coming to New Jersey that seems like it may be worth a trip out to Camden County to check out.

Photo by gemma on Unsplash
Photo by gemma on Unsplash

This store got its start in Arizona, and its claim to fame is that it offers fresher options than its competitors.

It also claims that it's a Farmers Market more than it is a brick-and-mortar supermarket.

I think it's a cool store because they provide a lot of different recipes and meal ideas on the store's website.

What Arizona Grocery Chain Is Expanding In New Jersey?

This store opened its first New Jersey location in 2019 in Marlton, and has continued to grow within the Garden State.

According to NJ.com a brand new Sprout Farmers Market will be coming to Camden County.

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The new store will be located at 640 West Cuthbert Avenue in the Westmont Plaza.

As I mentioned, what I think is really cool about this store is that it really gets its sleeves rolled up and tries to get very involved within the community.

The grand opening for the store will be September 8th, and Sprout is currently holding several hiring events in Cherry Hill.

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