Congratulations!  If this is your car, YOU are the winner of the South Jersey Worst Parker of the Month for September!

Rarely do you get a single vehicle taking up this much room in the neutral zone NEXT to a handicapped space. Bravo, sir or madam!

Clearly you have had extensive experience in poor parking.

Well done. Your S.J.W.P. certificate, suitable for framing, was slipped under your windshield wiper; However, if you can’t even comply to the basic rules of a parking lot, chances are you didn’t see your award on your windshield. Bummer.

Remember,  the next time you see someone exhibiting “creative parking”, snap a pic and sent it to The Mike Show on Twitter @FollowMikeNow or email to and please include YOUR name and town (so we can give you credit — or if you want to remain anonymous, just tell us. It’s cool).

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