For the McDonald's Shamrock Shake-obsessed (myself included) comes a healthier alternative: the Shamrock Smoothie.

The Shamrock Smoothie is being blended up at the plant-based health food spot Greens and Grains, with locations in Northfield, Margate, Galloway, and Center City Philadelphia.

While we're unsure of how to calorie count matches up to McDonald's Shamrock Shake, the Shamrock Smoothie surely offers more protein. It's made of almond milk, banana, spirulina, mint, and topped with whipped cream. Of course, if almond milk isn't your thing, or you're also craving a bit of chocolate, Greens and Grains recommending swapping for coconut milk and adding some dark chocolate chips.

The Shamrock Shake connoisseur I consider myself is curious about this smoothie. It looks simply delish. I think I'll check it our sometime this week and let you know how it measures up to the real thing.

The Shamrock Smoothie is now available at all Greens and Grains locations.

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