OMG, my Kryptonite is back. Shamrock Shake season officially begins tomorrow at McDonald's and I can already taste it.

People, like me, who love that frozen, minty goodness REALLY love it. Those who don't, really DON'T. Oh well, more for me.

To celebrate the Shamrock Shake's 50th anniversary, McDonald's is introducing something new: the Oreo McFlurry. Be still my heart.

There are few things I look forward to in this world more than a Shamrock Shake. It's like a knife through my heart when, on occasion, I've rolled up to the drive-thru to hear the words, 'Sorry, the machine's broken.'

I gather that I'll be indulging in at least half a dozen of these green babies before March is over.

BTW, if Oreo's are more your jam, the Oreo McFlurry consists of vanilla soft serve with a minty flavor and Oreo cookie pieces blended throughout. YUMMO!

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