A pit bull is going to live another day after being shot in the head and leg in Cumberland County. 

Although I am extremely happy to read that 'Mr. Biggs,' the pit bull, is going to survive, I am saddened and shocked that anyone would do this to an animal.

NBC Philadelphia says 'Mr. Biggs' was found laying on a road near Main Street and Strawberry Ave in Commercial Township earlier this May. When rescuers found him, they didn't realize the gun wounds in his jaw and right leg until 8 days later. It's a miracle that he's alive!

Right now, The Cumberland County SPCA are investigating the gunman responsible.

If you would like to help Mr. Biggs, TLC Animal Rescue is accepting donations to help pay for his veterinary bills. Once he's healthy, he will be put up for adoption.

Watch the video from NBC Philadelphia below:

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