A year-round indoor dog park just opened in Mount Royal, Gloucester County.

Puppy parent Michelle Ofak decided having nowhere to bring their new family puppy in the winter months was upsetting. That's when the idea came about to bring NJ a year-round indoor dog park. If you've owned a dog or two in your day, you know some dogs hate the heat, others/most hate the cold... and well some, they hate both. Other places around the country have them sporadically to accommodate the heat, rain and snow. Now add NJ on the list.

Ruff House finally had its' grand opening on October 23rd and it already has acquired 30 members. The venue is an old abandoned fire place and has two large rooms to house dogs weighing both heavier and lighter than 25 pounds. According to NJ.com, both rooms are fully loaded with agility obstacles and have a bucket full of toys for the dogs to play around with.

There are rules that the owners must abide by before entering, and a liability waiver must be filled out as well a vaccination report. The Ofak family has future plans for rescue events and classes, but for right now, they are just looking to build it up with the winter months quickly approaching.

Sources: NJ.com, Ruff House

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