A local mom has been desperate to find the mystery men who saved her toddler daughter's life, after the child suffered a seizure while the family was out to eat.  Turns out these men are everyday heroes.

Shari Williams had just arrived at the Olive Garden in Deptford, N.J. on May 13 to grab lunch with her two daughters when she noticed 15-month old Diamon began seizuring, leaving her unable to breathe, reports NBCPhiladelphia.com.

Williams panicked and began screaming.  Hearing her cries, two men rushed over to help.  The plainly-clothed good Samaritans turned out to be New Jersey State Police Detective Sgt. Michael Davis and Detective Sgt. First Class Michael Flory.

Davis cradled Diamon on the hood of her mother's SUV and applied chest compressions.

"We thought it was a joke at first. When we saw the mother, she was definitely in a state of panic. The baby was just lifeless. So we knew this wasn't a joke. This was the real thing," said Flory.

The state policemen are partners, on the force together for nine and half years, but the officers say this is the first time they've needed to use their CPR skills.

Once the baby regained her breath, she was transported to Cooper University Hospital, her seizure a result of an increase in her body temperature.

Williams never got the good Samaritan's names, so she took to her Facebook page in an effort to find them and thank them for rescuing her daughter. Through the help of NBC Philadelphia Channel 10, Shari found the officers and arranged a reunion in the parking lot of the same Olive Garden, where she told the troopers she was eternally grateful they were in the right place at the right time and leaped into action.