Dan in Egg Harbor Township came to The Mike Show for some advice. Here is what Dan told us about his Relation Situation...

I recently moved to South Jersey for a new job but haven't sold my house in Maryland, so I drive back and forth on the weekends.

I've been dating a really great woman here in South Jersey for about 3 months. She is beautiful, exciting and very special. I feel like we are soul mates - I've never met another woman like her.

The only bad part is, I have been keeping a big secret from her...


Business decisions

I am a married man.


My wife doesn't know anything about her.


My innocent flirting honestly got out of hand and before I knew it, I was sucked in. We see each other on a regular basis and she's always excited when she sees me.


My time in this area is coming to an end shortly when business will take me back to Maryland.


I need advice on how to handle my situation. Should I start acting like I am losing interest in her? Should I just tell her the truth and more than likely break her heart? Or should I just be vague and say that I will have to be traveling for work a lot in the next few years?


I would really love to hear from your listeners, especially the ladies.


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