Never underestimate what a man will do to avoid getting yelled at by a woman.


   Take it from me, I've done some smart, and a lot of stupid things to avoid the incident.   In Vineland, 21-year-old David Scarapa was driving with his girlfriend last week.  They were arguing, and he backed into a utility pole.  And he knew what that meant:  Even MORE of his girlfriend yelling at him. 


So . . . David took off running.



The cops put out a warrant for his arrest for fleeing the scene of an accident, and he turned himself in the next day.  And the police report actually says David told the cops he left because he, "did not want to deal with his girlfriend yelling at him."


I would have LOVED to have been the fly in the car during this argument.  I mean, it probably had to do with something stupid.  What was the dumbest thing you've ever argued about with your significant other?


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