Is yesterday tomorrow? Can tomorrow replace yesterday? These aren't meant to be unanswerable existential questions. It's something I recently noticed about a restaurant in Marmora, New Jersey.

Ah, Yesterday's. The minute you come off Exit 36 of the Garden State Parkway and hang a left at the light onto Roosevelt Boulevard, you know to look out for one of the Jersey Shore's most iconic restaurants. A restaurant that screams summer fun!

Yesterday's Restaurant in Marmora, NJ: A Timeless Tradition

Yesterday's Creekside Tavern Marmora NJ
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Yesterday's Creekside Tavern, as it's become known in recent years, is well-known by generations of Ocean City visitors and Marmora locals. It's a must-visit every summer for its incredible food, live music, and shore vibes.

But will you remember Yesterday's well enough to make it all your Tomorrow's? Here I go again. Okay, enough with the word play.

Iconic Jersey Shore Restaurant Yesterday's Changing Its Name?

Yesterday's Marmora NJ Changing Name?
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On Monday, Yesterday's Creekside Tavern in Marmora announced on its socials that it's changing its name. The restaurant, they wrote, would now be known as Tomorrow's.

Or will it?

Marmora, NJ Restaurant and Bar Plays Joke on Loyal Customers


No, silly! Just like ME, realizing the joke as I sit here and type this story, that the announcement was made on April 1st. APRIL FOOL'S DAY! This is FAKE NEWS!

Well done, Yesterday's, you got me. I'm so gullible on April Fool's Day. But I'm not the only one. A few fans of the restaurant also overlooked the joke. Thank goodness it wasn't just me.


So, NO. Yesterday's Creekside Tavern will NOT be going by the name Tomorrow's this summer or anytime soon. Though I have to admit, it kind of has a good ring to it.

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