Free pizza and live music this Monday afternoon at SoJO 104.9!

Susan Justice has gone from subway station singer to Capitol Records recording artist, and now she's coming to SoJO!  Join SoJO Midday Host Heather DeLuca this Monday, March 12th at 12:30pm for a lunchtime party with free pizza and live music from Susan Justice's debut LP Eat Dirt!

To join us simply RSVP with your name and telephone number in the comment box below...and keep reading to get to know Susan Justice!

At an early age, Susan Justice realized her musical talent would take her world's beyond the strict religious commune where she was raised.  Confined to discovering influences like Alanis Morisette, Prince, and Nirvana in secrecy, Justice defected her cult sect (leaving her family behind) and began scraping by on the charity of strangers, essentially pan handling while singing in subways.  With the cash earned from her subway singing, Justice recorded and sold her first CD of live tracks in 2007.  Now, working with industry veteran managers, songwriters and producers like Toby Gad (of Beyonce and Fergie fame) Justice weaves a new collection of magical tales on her new album Eat Dirt.  Shedding light on life lessons with honest, vulnerable, beautiful, ironic, and sometimes even comical lyrics.  Sometimes in life everyone needs to eat a little dirt to taste the sweet.

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