My app of the week is 'Venmo,' a simple and easy app that helps you send and/or receive money from your friends.

My friends and I went to lunch last week at a Mexican restaurant. Food was good, drinks were amazing, then came time to finally pay the check. Versus going through the headache of using six separate credit cards, my friend paid cash for the entire bill. Cool, bill was paid...but now we have to pay my friend.

This is when 'Venmo' came in! Venmo connects with your bank account and Facebook to easily transfer money to your friends in situations like this. Search their name, send (or request) money, and it goes directly into your bank account!

Seriously, it's super easy!

Venmo works as a social network allowing you to send messages and emojis with your money which is a fun feature.

Next time you owe a friend money after splitting a bill, try using Venmo - it's free!

See how it works below:

Source: Venmo

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