Look out Alexis Carrington...these new villainous ladies are beginning to make you look like Mary Poppins!

1.  Elizabeth Hurley, Diana Payne on CW's 'Gossip Girl'

The supermodel-turned-actress is turning the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite upside down as the headmistress of a tabloid website called 'The Spectator'.  But really its just Diana's own personal online chess game in which everyone is a pawn.

2.  Lana Parrilla, Regina Mills/Evil Queen on ABC's 'Once Upon A Time'.  In the town of Storybrook, Maine, Regina Mills is just a corrupt Mayor and controlling adoptive mother.  But in the fairytale world she's every hopeful princess's worst nightmare as the Evil Queen.  And this deep dark soul's got way more than just poisonous apples to threaten her adversaries.  As conniving as she is, Parrilla's performances are delicious.

3.  Madeline Stowe, Victoria Grayson on ABC's 'Revenge'.  Stowe shattered her good girl Hollywood image by taking on her most complex role in years, that of the conniving matriarch of the Hampton's most notorious and richest family.  A women who is not to be messed with for fear of social suicide, but who in reality is being betrayed by her own husband (his mistress is Victoria's best friend) and the new girlfriend of her only son.  I've never been the biggest Madeline Stowe fan, but on 'Revenge' she's equally icy and vulnerable, and a nice replacement for Erica Kane.


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