Actor Kevin Bacon issued a delightful challenge, and I answered the call.  This challenge made my stomach full of sugary goo, have a traumatic brain freeze, AND help an amazing cause.  


I had to challenge a co-worker to eat more ice cream than me in six seconds.  The loser of the bet had to donate six dollars to Give Kids The World, a resort for critically ill children and their families.  You can learn more at (hence the 'six seconds' part of the challenge).  Kevin made this same bet with a child, and lost.  Thus he gave six dollars to the non-profit organization.


You can challenge a co-worker, friend, or relative; and participate in this awesome cause (and who doesn't like ice cream?) Make sure to use the hashtag #GKTWChallenge when posting to Facebook and Twitter.


Of course, I made a tremendous amount of mess in wolfing down my half melted ice cream....see for yourself.