The thrills just keep on coming to Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson this summer!

On Tuesday in a press release, the park announced that this summer you will be able to ride the all-new CYBORG Cyber Spin. This ride is named after the DC Superhero CYBORG of the JUSTICE LEAGUE.

It's the first ride ever to be themed after the character.

Credit: Six Flags Great Adventure
Credit: Six Flags Great Adventure

John Winkler, President of the park says, “Six Flags Great Adventure is thrilled to launch its newest innovation, an unparalleled, hi-tech ride unlike anything our guests have ever seen or experienced. CYBORG Cyber Spin is the first-of-its-kind in the world, and the perfect addition to our renowned collection of record-breaking attractions.”

The triple box design allows it to uniquely spin around three separate axes and in all sorts of directions, all while doing so at up to 70 feet in the air.

Check out the ride in action below and enjoy it first this summer!

The summer just got a whole lot more interesting at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson with their new CYBORG Cyber Spin!

Source: Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson Press Release 6/12/18

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