There's exciting news out of Voorhees, Camden County. Stafford Farms is reportedly planning to transform into a vineyard, winery, and flower farm!

No one could be more overjoyed about this development than me. My parents took my brother and I to Stafford Farms often as kids. We loved to look and feed the horses and eat homemade ice cream after.

Google Maps
Google Maps

But over the last few years, the farm has been bought and sold a number of times, even by Voorhees Township. The corner of the farm at Evesham Rd. and White Horse Rd. is officially a preserved piece of Camden County.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Now, much of the land belongs to Bill and Amy Green, according to Bill grew up in Marlton, and remembers the farm is in its heyday, including the nearby Cow Tail ice cream bar I mentioned above.

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Early this year, The Greens purchased 70 acres of Stafford Farm, which is nearly 250 years old, and intend to dedicate about 30 of those acres to grapevines.

Just this week, the couple got the good news they were hoping for from the Camden County Agriculture Development Board: They've been approved to operate Stafford Farms as a combination winery, horse stables, and flower and produce farm. It's official name will be Saddlehill Cellars at the historic Stafford Farms.

And, Bill Green is all in, telling, "We view this as a very long-term investment. Generational." His wife Amy is just as committed, saying, "I think the whole thing is wonderful beyond my wildest dreams."

I agree!
Here are some of the things the new Saddlehill Cellars plans to offer visitors:
  • a 7,000-square-foot tasting room tapas-style food
  • small-scale equine breeding operation
  • a new 4,320-square-foot barn
  • seasonal fruit harvests (like strawberries and pumpkins)
  • flowers

Next month, the farm staff will plant 250,000 tulip bulbs with the hope of a strong bloom in time for Mother's Day next May. Other months of the year, they'll switch to sunflowers!

Oooo! And there are ALPACAS!

Stafford Farms/Facebook
Stafford Farms/Facebook

This is such amazing news for Camden County, and there's literally so much to this story. You can read more about The Greens and the new Stafford Farms here.

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