UPDATE: Did Robert in Galloway propose to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day, or was it too cliche?


Robert decided to surprise her and proposed to her THE NIGHT BEFORE Valentine's Day! They went out to dinner and Robert used the excuse of,

"It will be too crowded and hard to get in anywhere if we go out to eat Valentine's night, so let's go Saturday...".

Since they weren't eating out on Valentine's Day, Robert said she was completely caught off guard with his PRE-Valentine's proposal.

She said YES, by the way.


ICYMI, here was the South Jersey Relation Situation from The Mike Show:

Listener Robert in Galloway tells us that he wants to ask his girlfriend of 4 years to marry him, but he just can't decide if proposing on Valentine's Day would be ROMANTIC or too CLICHE.

What's YOUR opinion on when Robert should propose? Is Valentine's Day romantic or cliche?


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