Listener Angela in Vineland was shocked at what she caught her 13 year old daughter watching on her laptop computer!

Angela is a single mom, and she emailed The Mike Show to ask for some help in handling this situation about her teen daughter, and what she caught her daughter doing...



Angela walked in on her daughter, when her daughter was watching adult videos on an adult web site.

She told The Mike Show that she just walked up behind her daughter, who had headphones on and didn't hear her come into the room, and was shocked and horrified with what her daughter was watching.

After taking her daughter's computer away, she looked at the browser history and discovered MANY adult sites that her daughter has been visiting for some time.

Angela has taken the computer away from her daughter for now, but needs help with what she should do about her situation.

Should she punish her daughter?

Is it normal for teen girls to be watching stuff like that ?

When Angela asked her daughter WHY she was watching it, her daughter said that she was, "just curious" and "wondered what goes on" between boyfriends and girlfriends.



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