Listener Doug in Sicklerville, emailed The Mike Show at and told us about his uncomfortable Relation Situation.

Doug told us that he recently went on a first date with April. They were set up by a mutual friend who thought they would really hit it off together. They were hitting it off really well, until April asked Doug something very uncomfortable about something very personal.




"How much money do you make a year?", April asked Doug. Yep, she went there. Right out of the gate, she asked about the size of his bank account.

Doug told us this uncomfortable question came up before the appetizers even came out - so it made for an extremely uncomfortable dinner for him.

Doug works in real estate and makes a very good living, but he is modest in his lifestyle, and doesn't like discussing money.

He said that he didn't give her a direct answer and politely laughed it off...but she asked him again 2 MORE TIMES during dinner.

The only answer he gave her was, "Don't worry, I make enough to keep all the people  I care about comfortable."

Should Doug dump his date and move on to someone else? Is April only interested in his money? Or, is it a legitimate question in today's dating scene?

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