Wow!  Is that a rock-hard six pack or what?  It takes just one hour a day, six days a week to get a body like this celebrity!  See which hot Hollywood mom is behind this chiseled physique, plus how to make it your own with tips from her trainer!





It's Jennifer Lopez!  For the stamina to complete worldwide concert tour and the action flick Parker, Jenny from the Block turned to celebrity fitness expert Tracy Anderson to whip her body into shape.  Tracy tells

“When someone’s preparing for tours and giving energy to that many people, they can’t be out of shape,” Tracy says. “Her workouts have to give her the ability to have endurance for the show."







Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images


The Tracy Anderson Method of working out relies on changed exercise movements every 10 days to keep the body on its toes.  Her techniques have proven their effectiveness on stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, and Courtney Cox.  Thanks to her Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson at-home workout DVD's, even us non-Hollywood types can achieve the shape we've always dreamed of.

“It’s like learning a new skill,” Tracy says about exercising. “It is possible. There’s not a woman’s body I can’t change!”

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