A seal pup on the beach in North Wildwood recently created quite the scene while sunbathing.

Apparently, passers by were startled to see the seal just hanging out on the jetty, assuming he'd been accidentally beached, or possibly ill. He did have a few scratches from wriggling up to the jetty, but was otherwise fine, according to North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism.

There were reportedly so many intrigued onlookers, that folks from the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine had to come and relocate the pup to stop it from being harassed, according to NJ.com.

Look, if I'd have seen the baby seal just basking in the sunlight, I would have been baby talking to it and trying my hardest to get a selfie with it. But MMSC founding director Bob Schoelkopf recommends people just leave the mammal be.

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