This hater may have an issue with one South Jersey homeowner's holiday display, but they have no idea what that family has been through.

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Angela Beatty, who decorated one bush at her Haddonfield home with a strand of blue lights, found a note on her doorstep from a cowardly Grinch who didn't even have to guts to identify themselves beyond the 'S&V Panel'.

If I didn't see this note for myself on, I wouldn't even have believed someone could be this judgmental, 'citing' Beatty for a "lack of neat, organized and/or classy lighting", and encouraging Beatty to reflect on her lack of decorating skills by next Christmas, starting with the box of white lights they were so inclined to leave her.

But Beatty's lack of elaborate decorating has nothing to do with being lazy. The Beatty's tell 6abc 2019 has been rough. They've dealt with the loss of a pet and caring for an ailing family member. Plus, the one string of blue lights they DID manage to string up is in honor of her grandfather who used to be a police officer.

Whoever is running this so called 'S&V Panel' needs a midnight visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. Maybe they should consider leaving a note begging for forgiveness for such rude behavior.


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