Looks like when Hurricane Sandy arrives, the core of the storm will come over Sea Isle City, wrapping up another phase of a wicked storm that is not done yet.So far the damage in New Jersey is viewable in your neighborhood, through the photos here at SoJO1049.com, and what the news has been showing on TV.

The numbers as of 6pm on Oct. 29th shows that power outages in The Garden State is approached 500,000 (over 1.5 Million including NYC, Delaware, and Pa.), high winds have been seen in South Jersey as high as 88 MPH reported in Tuckerton, and the winds will be a major problen through the night. Now we still have to deal with the wrap-around effect of this storm.

The storm is picking up speed - now moving at 28 MPH.  This could get this system out of our way at some point tomorrow, but not before more rain adds to the accumulations we have had already plus more flooding to be added to the problems that we already have.

By Wednesday we should start to see the beginning of the assesment of the damages from Sandy, and that could taks weeks.  A return to some normalcy could be seen this weekend weather-wise as the sun is coming and mid-50's. Keep in mind that if this rain was snow, we would be digging out until Xmas - we would have about 4-5 feet of the white stuff!

Listen to Governor Chris Christie tonight at 7, then tune in more comprehensive coverage of this epic storm with Tom Morgan starting at 5:30am on Tuesday morning.  Remember to keep following SoJO1049.com throughout the night for more info when needed.

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