If you're coming off the beach and crave some great seafood, there is a new place for you: Betty's Seafood Shack in Margate.

Located on the bay on Amherst Avenue, you'll find Betty's directly across the street from local favorite Maynard's.

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Betty's is owned by the same folks who bring you Waterdog Smoke House in Ventnor.

My date and I had a chance to pull up a stool and enjoy the wonderful bay views as we dined on our meals late one afternoon.

Let me say here and now, if you're looking for a "fancy" restaurant, Betty's is not it. What it is though, is a fun, ultra-casual "shack" that's now on my "let's go there" list.

You seat yourself (inside or outside) and order from the counter. When your order is ready they send you a text and you pick it up. You can order inside or at an outside window, and you can eat there or take it elsewhere.

Keeping with the casual theme, your meal comes in a box, not on a plate.

I ordered the Lobster Lettuce Wrap - essentially a lobster roll without the roll. The lettuce didn't interest me, so I ate the lobster pieces with a plastic fork. It was delightful! It was served with a side of lemon and a light aioli sauce. A small side cup of pickled veggies was a perfect accompaniment.


My date ordered the sauteed scallops - and they were cooked perfectly. (Other restaurants: please stop overcooking your scallops!) The scallops were served with some delicious fries - I may have stolen one or ten...

I also ordered some of their soup of the day - lobster bisque. I ended up not eating it until later that evening at home. A minute in the microwave and it was delicious.

Yes, we will be back. There are so many great choices on the menu, I can't wait to try something else!

Betty - you did good!

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