In a long battle in court, Revel tenants such as the HQ Nightclub finally got the ruling they wanted.


When Revel Casino closed it's doors, so did the businesses that leased space on the property.  When Florida Real Estate Developer Glenn Straub bought Revel, he rejected the leases that the tenants already had. But, under bankruptcy law, the tenants still had basic rights to the property, and wished to continue operating their space.


Last week, a Federal Judge ruled in favor of the tenants.


According to The Press of Atlantic City, 'IDEA Boardwalk LLC, which owns HQ, had possessory rights which included access to utilities for operation, including electricity, hot and cold water, plumbing, gas, internet, cable and telephone service. IDEA is now going to take the necessary steps to comply with the various city and state agencies to allow for the reopening of HQ'


The reopening of HQ will hopefully be the start of something on that end of the Atlantic Boardwalk.  Lord knows it's been too quiet over there for a while.

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