Could Straub be back?


Due to costs associated with the power plant,, Revel filed an emergency motion last night in hopes to terminate their purchase agreement with Toronto based Brookfield US Holdings LLC.  Clearly, there are several disagreements between Revel and Brookfield.  Just last month, after winning the right to buy Revel for $110 million in an auction, Brookfield decided to terminate the deal.


Revel then tried to work with Brookfield and come up with a solution that both parties could agree on, however the company introduced new economic terms that were unachievable.  'Revel has scheduled an emergency motion for a Bankruptcy Court hearing scheduled for later this week, seeking to approve the sale to Florida-based developer Glenn Straub, of Polo North Country Club, Inc.' (NBC 40)


Yes, the same Glenn Straub whom we all thought was going to buy Revel to begin with for $90 million, and transform the property to a 'tower of geniuses' or 'genius academy'.


So the drama continues, and the only ending to this saga is a permanent owner...........hopefully.



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