I feel like we're characters living in Sim City right now.


Progress is indeed happening in Atlantic City, and this upgrade is huge. One month ago, we reported to you that there was a redevelopment plan that was being proposed, now it's official.  The property that was once known as The Atlantic Club is turning into a water park.


The former casino will be converted into a family-focused entertainment complex with an 81,000 square-foot waterpark and about 800 hotel rooms.  (Press of Atlantic CityIt's only another great step in making Atlantic City more of a resort town than a gaming city.


I called it 'Sim City', but in reality it's called 'Gateway'.  It's the first undertaking of AC Devco, the recently-formed CRDA-funded nonprofit aimed at accelerating development in Atlantic City. Mayor Don Guardian said the plan calls for “corporate offices and potential academic use” of the land, which includes the site of the former Atlantic City High School.


There is still no word yet on what will happen to Revel, Showboat, or Stockton University's plans.  Regardless, good news is happening in the city.  So now we wait, put on our seat belt, and get ready for a wild ride.

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