Once again, congratulations to Glenn Straub on the purchase of Revel.  Now that one battle is over, another one begins.  Who turned out the lights?


ACR Energy Partners, the sole supplier of energy for the vacant Revel Casino, needs to get paid.  Just because a building sits empty doesn't mean you don't pay the electric bill, and ACR isn't about to give their services for free.   Without power, Revel could be savaged by mold without power to run the air-handlers there.   (Press of Atlantic City).




Straub meanwhile claims that he offered to pay 300,000 dollars for service for the next two weeks, but while referring to the power plant he said 'they’re trying to blackmail us into signing a 20-year agreement for some $300 million' continuing to maintain that, over the long-term, energy would come from the former Showboat.


If a resolution isn't made, ACR will be 'turning out the lights' by today.


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